Mugabe: Villain or Hero

Is there more to President Robert Mugabe and Zimbabwe than is being shown on our television screens? What’s the true extent of Mugabe’s support inside Zimbabwe?

mugabe-villain-or-heroWhat has happened to the country that they all called the bread basket of Africa – and why? These questions and more led British filmmaker, Roy Agyemang, on a journey to Zimbabwe to make a documentary about President Robert Mugabe. What started out as a three-month mission turned into three life-changing years, culminating in arare interview with one of the worlds longest-serving yet most reviled leaders. At a time when western media was banned in the country, Agyemang worked his way through the corridors of power, probing the cultural, economical and historical factors at the heart of the “Zimbabwean crisis.” The film is a revealing portrait of the man who was knighted by John Major and honored with doctorates by the west. Roy Ageymang will be coming from London to be a participant on the panel after the screenings.



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