Moderator: Aminah Bakeer Abdul-Jabbaar

Aminah Bakeer Abdul-Jabbaar, Professor Pan African Studies, California State University, LA is originally from South Central LA. Aminah has a B.A. from USC in Cinema Television with an emphasis in Critical Studies. She also holds an M.F.A. from UCLA in Film & TV Production with an emphasis in Directing.

In 1996 Aminah was in Film Independent's Project Involve and later she was selected for their screenwriter's lab. Her film, Personal Touch, which was created to help her cope with her mother's death from breast cancer, won the Liddel Art Award from the Ann Arbor Film Festival in 2000. That same year, Aminah completed a Directing Internship at The Young and the Restless and was featured on Entertainment Tonight. In 2002, Aminah won the Visionary Award at the Pan African Film Festival for Bilalian, a feature length documentary about Muslims, and received a glowing review from Variety praising the film's focus on African-American Muslims in America. Next, she became a finalist in the AOL/CNN/HBO & Harvard Life Through Your Lens Contest.

In 2008, Aminah won the Lecturer of the Year award from the California Faculty Association, CSULA. Aminah has written and directed the narrative feature film Muslimah's Guide to Marriage (about an African American Muslim Woman going through a divorce) coming out soon. And recently did on-campus and on stage interviews with award winning filmmakers Grace Lee and Ava DuVernay  for the Pan/African Studies Department at California State University, LA.  This past year she was the guest speaker at UCLA and UCR on the legacy of Malcolm X.

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